My Background

nrfsquarelogoI have worked in the music and entertainment industry for over 17 years. Currently, as the art director for, I produce CD, DVD and Gift catalogs, plus graphics for ads, email blasts and web site sliders. Before that, I was the art director for Collectables Records, where I created specialty packaging for CDs and DVDs working with clients including Coscto, QVC, Sam’s Club, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.I also volunteer my design services in-kind serving on the board of directors for Haverford Music Festival, where I collaborated on event marketing strategy and graphics, which helped to raise $80,000 in sponsorships.

One of my other freelance projects is CD design for independent musicians. You can see some of my work at Behance here:


9 thoughts on “My Background

  1. hi, saw your message on blogging101 – smile – I don’t need a blavatar – but at some point I might like some cartoon like images for the blog – am so distracted by this course, that I’ve not been able to just ‘think’ about what i’d like to do – but will follow you so I can get back to you!

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    1. Julz, I too am distracted by #blogging101; I have a lot more designs to add but trying to keep up w/assignments is holding me back. It is fun seeing all the way wordpress works though. I probably wouldn’t have known about many of them if I didn’t take the course. Let me know if/when you need any images. Depending on amount & complexity; I could probably do them for free as well, if I got a credit and/or blog post about them.

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      1. That’s a great offer! The idea is a half formed concept at the moment, but once i know what kind of thing I do want, I’ll certainly get back to you and we can kick it around a bit – if possible we could do a swap – if there’s any thing you want at the time – I assume your are in the US, and I’m in the UK, and you’d be welcome to a credit whichever way it works out. All the best – we can relax after tomorrow – smile!

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