Are you a visual blogger?

Bay-side, Ocean City, New jersey
Bay-side, Ocean City, New jersey (taken with a lousy iPhone 4)

I realized while writing (or lack there-of) my posts related to #Blogging101 that I am a visual person. Gee that’s obvious isn’t it! I am amazed by how well, (and how long) people can write, spilling their thaughts into their blogs! (Like Brooke E. Wayne and MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO) On the other hand, I can only write one or two paragraphs. I have been trained by being in business to be concise and frugal with words. And also since I have so little time to spend on my website/blog, I find I need to be that way on my posts.

I am drawn to blogs that are visual in nature—like photography bloggers, especially travel photography bloggers like desleyjane who inspired this post. I just want to jump into some of her pics like Queenstown NZ and Lifou, South Pacific!
Another inspirational photography blogger is . She recommended her new camera (with plenty of background to support her choice) here.

I’m hoping to one day soon get a DSLR and start posting my own pics. Do you have a favorite camera that helps you create inspiring photography? What inspires you when you are browsing blogs? Is it the writing or the photos?

Any recommendations for new blogs to follow would be appreciated!