Sharing some awsome music by an amazing musician: Will Champlin

banjoI want to share my love of Season 5 The Voice Top Three finalist Will Champlin. He is an amazing musician, singer, songwriter and all around awesome person. If you don’t know his story, he is the Voice Season 5 #ChampsReunionNYCthird-place winner, known for stretching the limits of re-arranging and re-imagining the songs he chose to cover. I’d really like to design an album cover, or at least an iTunes single cover. Here’s one of my designs I did in honor of his coming to play in NYC last year. The concert was amazing. I went to see him with my son. He has a lot of followers know as #Champs. We all came together in person after meeting through following Will on twitter. We dubbed the event #ChampsReunionNYC. Everyone was so nice, enthusiastic and generally just good people. It kind of reminded me how the #blogging101 community is here. Everyone is so supportive to each other.

After The Voice, He is now going the indie route. I’m including a link to his new single “Eye of the Pyramid.” I love everything that Will does but I especially love his new album. Not only is the music incredible but the message in his lyrics are very uplifting. “Eye of the Pyramid” features the uncommon combination of sitar & banjo, both played by Will, plus Will‘s amazing voice!  The song’s message is the struggle to own yourself–& not get self-worth from owning things & making money.