Haverford Music Festival design


I am very busy and excited to be once again working on the Haverford Music Festival! This year we are celebrating the 5th annual festival! And for this special event I designed a new logo. This event has grown so much, and with it my responsibilities. I am now the marketing coordinator as well as the graphic designer. I have gotten to design more signage, including banners and lawn signs; full color newspaper and magazine ads, as well as T-shirts, VIP badges, web banners, and web ads on our media partner’s site, iRadioPhilly.

You can check out some of the music (and design) on our website.


Comicon Gear

comicon gear

I’ve been very busy with work, freelance and volunteer designs. I’m going to add this work-related new venture Comicon Gear that I designed the logo, collaborated on the web design and designed the web sliders, and social media images. Hope you check out Comicon Gear!

Banana Bread Quinoa Flake Bake

This looks yummy, I was looking for a way to use my quinoa flakes. Can’t wait to try this!

Natural Noshing

Are you tired of the same old breakfast? Maybe you are sick of oatmeal or scrambled eggs or just looking to branch out a little. Either way, I may have a quick and easy solution for you! This simple high-protein and high-fiber breakfast bake can be whipped up and served within five minutes using the microwave or you can bake in the oven for a different method!

I’ve been eyeing the quinoa bakes from the fabulous Leanne Vogel over at Healthful Pursuit for the past several weeks and I’ve made two already (banana bread and apple walnut)! If you aren’t familiar with Leanne, go check out her site and her quinoa bakes- she has wonderful gluten free and dairy free recipes I know you will love! The flavor combinations for these bakes are endless so if bananas don’t make you happy then feel free to change up the ingredients. This recipe…

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Are you a visual blogger?

Bay-side, Ocean City, New jersey
Bay-side, Ocean City, New jersey (taken with a lousy iPhone 4)

I realized while writing (or lack there-of) my posts related to #Blogging101 that I am a visual person. Gee that’s obvious isn’t it! I am amazed by how well, (and how long) people can write, spilling their thaughts into their blogs! (Like Brooke E. Wayne and MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO) On the other hand, I can only write one or two paragraphs. I have been trained by being in business to be concise and frugal with words. And also since I have so little time to spend on my website/blog, I find I need to be that way on my posts.

I am drawn to blogs that are visual in nature—like photography bloggers, especially travel photography bloggers like desleyjane who inspired this post. I just want to jump into some of her pics like Queenstown NZ and Lifou, South Pacific!
Another inspirational photography blogger is . She recommended her new camera (with plenty of background to support her choice) here.

I’m hoping to one day soon get a DSLR and start posting my own pics. Do you have a favorite camera that helps you create inspiring photography? What inspires you when you are browsing blogs? Is it the writing or the photos?

Any recommendations for new blogs to follow would be appreciated!

Sharing some awsome music by an amazing musician: Will Champlin

banjoI want to share my love of Season 5 The Voice Top Three finalist Will Champlin. He is an amazing musician, singer, songwriter and all around awesome person. If you don’t know his story, he is the Voice Season 5 #ChampsReunionNYCthird-place winner, known for stretching the limits of re-arranging and re-imagining the songs he chose to cover. I’d really like to design an album cover, or at least an iTunes single cover. Here’s one of my designs I did in honor of his coming to play in NYC last year. The concert was amazing. I went to see him with my son. He has a lot of followers know as #Champs. We all came together in person after meeting through following Will on twitter. We dubbed the event #ChampsReunionNYC. Everyone was so nice, enthusiastic and generally just good people. It kind of reminded me how the #blogging101 community is here. Everyone is so supportive to each other.

After The Voice, He is now going the indie route. I’m including a link to his new single “Eye of the Pyramid.” I love everything that Will does but I especially love his new album. Not only is the music incredible but the message in his lyrics are very uplifting. “Eye of the Pyramid” features the uncommon combination of sitar & banjo, both played by Will, plus Will‘s amazing voice!  The song’s message is the struggle to own yourself–& not get self-worth from owning things & making money.

Say Your Name

I am still playing with what I should call this blog. Since I am mostly looking to advance my client base, I’m wondering if it should just be my name. I’ve used this title: Art & Soul, off and on for a while.
I do like my tag line:

All things design & art related…& maybe some that aren’t

Who I Am and Why I Am Here

I’m a graphic designer looking for clients. My expertise is music and movie cover design. I also have a background in editorial and catalogs. I’m here not necessarily to get “followers” but to learn how to use WordPress to build a portfolio website for my graphic design. I have been playing around with it, but want to see what blogging 101 has to offer before I publish my whole portfolio.